PRACTICES are set for the next 3 Sundays:  9/7 9/14, and 9/21

4:30 to 6
Please meet at Wainwright FIELD E.  This is on the soccer quad.  Use the soccer parking lot, turning right before you enter the gates.  There is a huge grass lot next to the fields.
We are going to begin with a men’s pickup hurling match on the fields next to Field E.   Portland Hurling Club and Hartford are expected to be sending players.  We highly recommend you come and watch this exhibition as Coach Sean will likely dominate and you do NOT want to miss that.
We want to thank PHC for their willingness to participate in this event and lend their presence to what should be a great afternoon of Gaelic fun.
Kids are asked to be ready to go at 1:00 with 1st games starting at 1:15 and be over by 5-ish.  All kids will get 3 games. We expect players from Hartford, Springfield, and Worcester and are hoping for a few from the Boston clubs.
Game 1:  Football
Game 2: Hurling
Game 3: Football
We are still developing plans for the after party so if you can please keep your options open as it will likely involve food/beverages.

Practice for 8/7 is cancelled. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

After viewing our waterlogged fields and seeing that the weather is calling for 60% chance of showers with thunderstorms likely, we are cancelling for tonight.


With most kids starting their Fall sports, MGSA will be moving to our modified schedule until the 9/27 blitz. Dates need to be finalized with SOPO, but look for an email from your coaches in the next week.


This has been a really fun season, and we are going to have a great finish.


Coach James

Maine Gaelic Sports Alliance

The Mighty MGSA Gael Force represented well at the 2014 CYC’s in NYC.

Jack, Ross, and Hunter played U16 football and hurling for Hartford GAA and came up short on the scoreboard, but big on the field with some great efforts against incredible competition.  They were really the only hurlers on a football-heavy and very young team.  We are so proud of the leadership and effort they displayed and for making themselves a part of Hartford’s quality program.

Coach James assumed the field directions and strategy for the 2 hurling matches, and we nearly took out a strong New York squad while playing a hard-fought match against an always-disciplines Chicago team.

Maggie played for the U16 North American ladies football team and got serious playing time, finishing 4th in their division.

Frank and Greta played U12 football for Springfield and got their 1st taste of victory at CYC’s but the very young squad, despite some close games against established clubs just missed the Sunday playoffs.

Frank also played U12 hurling for the new Ottowa squad, and they also made a great showing in really their 1st competition.

Ross’s North American U16 Hurling squad nearly took down the mighty New York team in their only match, losing by 2 points.  Ross played a magnificent game for a team that had only practiced together for 2 days.

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Hartford blitz trip was a hoot AND a holler

Hartford blitz trip was a hoot AND a holler

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MGSA Blitz to be postponed to Fall

ATTENTION: Due to the CYC’s and the burden that puts on our partner clubs, we are looking to reschedule the July 19th blitz to September as the Fall Shamrock n’Roll Festival.

The good news: LONGER GAELIC SEASON (a short list of practice days will be sent soon, but nothing to overwhelm your schedules). We also hopes this provides some more days of involvement for the kids who got a late start this year.

We regret any inconvenience this causes. All we want is to provide quality games and this requires finding a dates when our friends from the rest of NE can make it up. The youth nationals start on 7/23 and many clubs have made significant time and financial commitments to this, including the 6 MGSA players heading down. We understand Fall sports will be in full swing but ours is a year-round program designed to meet the needs of ALL our partner families. You mean the world to us and we strive every day to provide you a quality experience.

NO PRACTICE THURSDAY JULY 3rd. HARTFORD TRIP JULY 12 UP NEXT. MGSA is hosting the New England Clubs July 19th.

Due to the holiday, enjoy some extra time with the kids at a lake, beach, BBQ or other awesome holiday destination.


We’ll see you next week!


MGSA Board

SEASON KICK OFF PARTY NEXT THURSDAY AFTER A SHORT PRACTICE.  St. Brendans Blitz on the horizon for June 21.

SEASON KICK OFF PARTY NEXT THURSDAY AFTER A SHORT PRACTICE. St. Brendans Blitz on the horizon for June 21.

Practice is on for tonight, 6/12 but NEXT WEEK we are gonna get things going in style.  After a short practice, we’ll adjourn to CIA Cafe and hang out, watch some Gaelic on the big TV, and get everyone together for some good craic.

1st tournament is in Dorchester on June 21 and MGSA needs to be ready to play.  Our combined U14/16 boys and girls will have both a hurling and football game with their friends from Hartford and Boston while our younger kids will be playing with Trinity, St. Brendan’s, ISYL, and Springfield.


Practice is cancelled tonight 6/5.  See you next week.   In the meantime, complete your registrations!

Practice is cancelled tonight 6/5. See you next week. In the meantime, complete your registrations!


HOW DO I SIGN UP??? EASY! Go to and become a part of the Gael Force! registration for gaelic programs registration for gaelic programs






Go to the link on the right side of the page or go to the address below:



The Schedule is Out

Practices on Thursdays 5:30 to 7:30 (U10-U16) and 5:30 to 7 (under 8′s)
Look for the Irish flag flying over Wainwright Fields in South Portland

GAELIC BLITZ’s : These are events where teams bring their available players to a host club site. Each child has the opportunity to play several football, hurling/camogie games on with their own clubs or as part of another club’s team. These are great opportunities to interact with in fun, safe setting.

June 8 Hartford, Gaelic for Girls event

June 21 St. Brendan’s, Dorchester MA

July 12 Hartford, CT

July 19 South Portland, ME at Wainwright

July 24–?27 CYC New York (Championship Tournament)

Aug 9 Springfield, MA

Aug 16 Minors Championships @ Irish Cultural Center of MA,  hosted by ISYL

DEMONSTRATION GAMES: these are exhibitions during breaks in the senior games. Teams are being finalized but all NE clubs are making an effort to be a part of this great opportunity to play before the fans of the Boston area adult clubs.

There are 5 display games dates (teams to be determined)

June 1st 2pm-2:30pm

June 8th 2pm-2:30pm

June 29th 2pm-2:30pm—Springfield

July 13th 2pm-2:30pm  Maine is looking to play here the day after the Hartford blitz