What are Gaelic Football and Hurling?

The Rules of the Games



Hurling is a 3000 year old sport, originating in the villages in ancient Ireland.  It  is the signature sport of the Emerald Isle and one of the most dynamic sports you will ever see.  It reinforces the four major sports skills of running, passing, striking, and catching.   Kids who’ve played baseball, field or ice hockey, and  lacrosse have used many of the skills used in hurling.  MGSA offers hurling and Gaelic football for kids U6 to U16 with appropriate modifications based on age.  We have helmet and hurl rentals available for $25/season.

Gaelic Football is the other national sport of Ireland and a dynamic mix of soccer, basketball, and rugby. At the U6/U8 level, we spend about 3/4 of our time on football and 1/4 on hurling.

In our 1st year, we travelled to the ICC in Canton, MA for a soggy but fun day of drills and games with the kids of Boston.

Proud member of the Gaelic Athletics Association, Northeast Minor Board. Spring Rec football league and summer hurling and football for kids age 4-16.